How do You Avoid Heartburn

0511168Most people have experienced such a bad feeling as heartburn. For some, it happens very rarely, mainly after taking fried, spicy food or overeating, resulting in stomach acid rises into the esophagus, irritating the mucous membrane.

These symptoms are, in principle, do not require medical treatment, sufficient to normalize your diet by eliminating those foods, because of which you get heartburn.

Thus it is necessary to use as much of vegetables and fruits and seafood, and heat treatment is carried out by quenching or cooking. Because vegetable oil used in cooking, prolonged heating produces harmful substances that negatively affect the work of the stomach.

If not terminated heartburn long time, without any medical care hardly be dispensed, because, as can be more serious signs of disease are cured independently, is almost impossible.

Naturally, about such harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol should be forgotten.