How does the body in autumn

30091620It is no secret that the human body – this is one of the most complex systems in the world.

It is so versatile and feature-rich, that is able to automatically adjust to certain climatic changes, although we do not notice it.

For example, with the onset of autumn, many of us continue to lead a normal rhythm of life and are not even aware of what changes occur in the body at that moment. In particular, after the first autumn frosts our body realizes that it expected the cold front, so trying to accumulate as much fat as possible, to keep warm.

That is why, in the autumn of losing weight is much harder than in the spring, when the body is so inclined. In addition, on the eve of the winter is enhanced immune system function, as well as psycho-emotional changes occur. Doctors also claim that the fall of our lungs breathe much more active and heart rate increases.