How harmful sexual abstinence?

06101618Everyone knows that regular and quality sex is fundamental to maintain optimal hormonal balance and development of the female body.

However, very often due to the lack of a permanent partner or for other reasons women have to abstain from sex. Naturally, this process is quite strongly affects the entire body.

Experts note a few major factors that manifest themselves during prolonged abstinence. For example, many women in this state becomes excessively irritated and often cry. In addition, they observed mood swings – from unbridled joy to the depressed state.

In addition, prolonged sexual abstinence has a negative impact on the figure. The fact that in the process of tasty food consumption in women allocated positive hormone which normally stands during sex, so women start to eat more.

Often women who have regular sex are subject to hormonal disruptions, which also has a negative impact on their health.

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