How not to Catch a Cold in the Winter?

150920166In winter, people frequently get sick. This is due, probably, to hypothermia or weakened immunity. If the body can not fight infection, the disease occurs.

However, prevention is always better than cure. To be healthy, you need to perform some simple guidelines. It seems that everyone is so aware, but never carried out.

During this period it is very important to eat right. In no case can not go on a diet. In winter, the body must receive the maximum amount of nutrients. To do this, you need to regularly eat: meat and fish products. Of course, we must not forget about the fruits and vegetables. As for sweets and food from fast food, it is better to abandon them. These products do not do any good body, in addition to extra kilos. We can not ignore regular walks in the fresh air and exercise. Be active and try to be better in motion. Besides sports training is always to improve the mood, and it is an excellent prevention of stress disorders.

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