How Not to Fall Ill with a Sharp Cold Snap?

In the autumn the weather is very deceptive. During the day it can shine with the sun, and by the evening it can get very cold. Such temperature changes are bad for human health. In this period, people begin to get sick massively.

In this regard, there is a completely logical question – how can one not fall ill in the autumn?

1. Temperature in the street. Before you go outside, look at the thermometer. If it’s cold outside, dress warmly. Warm clothing will not tolerate hypothermia.
2. Mass congestion of people. Less visit places in which there are a lot of people. This is how people most often catch the infection.
3. Teas. Even before the onset of cold weather, drink herbal preparations. Brew them in the form of tea. Ideal for this is a chamomile, St. John’s wort and dog rose.
4. Food. A full meal will save you from all diseases. Eat fruit, vegetables, meat, fish. A varied diet is the way to success.
5. Rest. Get plenty of rest. During the change of seasons the body needs rest and rest. Secure it to him.

Do not be ill either in winter or in the summer. Take care of your health, because it is one and for all life.

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