How not to Get Sick in the Rain?

0809201610The autumn came. Now, more often it will rain and less sunshine. At this time of year, you can often get exposed to rain. It seems that the sun came out and it became warmer. But it was in the morning. the weather can change dramatically in the evening. As soon as you leave from work can begin heavy rain and thunderstorms. How can you protect yourself from disease, if you are exposed to rain?

1. Wet clothes. As soon as you get home, immediately remove all wet things. Do not immediately dried clothes. At this point it is important to warm up to you.
2. A hot shower. It is useful to take a hot shower immediately. So it is possible to warm the skin and accelerate the blood.
3. Warm clothing. After a shower, dress warmly. At this point, it was great to sleep.
4. Warm tea. Drink hot tea with honey and lemon. If you like, you can cook a mulled wine and immediately lay down in bed to get a good sweat. Before going to bed, you can once again drink tea or mulled wine.
5. Vitamins. Eat more vitamins. Do not forget to eat the meat and cereals. The body needs more than ever the strength to cope with the disease.

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