How not to Overeat during the Holidays?

140920169Everyone is waiting for a holiday look. This can be anything: New Year, Birthday. This means that there will be a lot of delicious food. Very often people overeat holidays. To avoid this, use our simple tips.

1. Water. 30 minutes before the feast to drink a glass of water. Water fills the stomach, and you can not eat more positions.
2. Light refreshments. Begin your meal with snacks (fruit or vegetable slicing).
3. Restrictions. Less eat smoked and pickled foods. This applies to the roast. These dishes do not benefit, but the extra inches on your hips will add.
4. Rush. Never in a hurry during the meal. Allow the body to digest everything.
5. Alcohol. Always make sure the number of drunk alcoholic beverages. The more a person drinks of hard liquor, the more he eats. In addition, never forget that the morning can be a heavy hangover.
6. Calories. In the mind for yourself always count calories.
7. Pause. In most cases, you should wait for a table.

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