How Quickly Put Baby to Sleep

29101612Many parents complain that they can not put the child during sleep, especially after the holidays, during which has been violated daily routine.

Forcing a child to go to bed earlier senseless, as it responds to this painful, and sometimes you have to raise your voice.

It is best to try to lay the baby minutes every evening for 25 earlier than it was previously. Gradually reducing the waking time, it will enter the normal mode without any consequences, so in the morning do not have to wake him with tears in his eyes.

Also, make it a rule that after 6 pm it is necessary to eliminate all kinds of active pursuits such as gambling, hobby computer and other entertainment, during which the child’s nervous system is activated. It is best to give him a coloring book or read a story.

Before going to bed, prepare your child a bath with the addition of herbs that help calm the psychological state, then drunk a cup of warm tea with mint, give 100% the result of the fact that your child will sleep soundly.