How Should I Eat in the Summer?

Everyone looks forward to summer. Perhaps this is a favorite time of year for many people.

However, we must not forget that the summer – it is also a huge load on the body. When the temperature is greatly increased, the need to comply with many rules.

So, how to properly eat in the heat?

1. Water. Do not forget to keep drinking regime. Drink water without gas, it is the best thirst quencher.
2. Breakfast. The first meal should be early. In this case, you need to eat porridge and boiled egg. This breakfast will provide forces for the day.
3. Lunch. Do not eat dinner, when it’s maximum temperature. Wait until the heat subsides.
4. Diet. To eat in the heat you need to, but the diet should be as lightweight. This means that you need to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs. As for the meat, then they should be meatless.

As you can see, the heat – this time the real test for the human body. To survive it, you need to drink plenty of water (this will prevent dehydration) and eat right (this will save power).

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