How to Activate the Hormone of Joy?

080920167Each person is a change of mood. Only a few people wondered what it depends on.

So the whole thing in a hormone called serotonin. If his body is small, a person in a bad mood, lethargy and apathy. If a person is happy and cheerful, then with the amount of the hormone is no problem. But what it takes to stand out is always a hormone in the normal amount?

1. Positive. A person who has a positive attitude, will always have a normal level of serotonin in the blood.
2. Sun. Sun – a great helper in the production of serotonin by the body. If it’s sunny, do not sit at home. Go for a walk.
3. Sport. With the help of sports can increase hormone production. 2-3 sessions per week will be enough.
4. Sleep. If a person is not getting enough sleep then this is the right step to stress. Go to bed okolo10 pm to relaxation.
5. Food. With great food stress coping. Eat your favorite dishes to please herself.
6. I enjoy. Engage in favorite business (sewing, knitting, reading books).

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