How to Avoid a Quarrel?

During married life is not all smooth. It happens and quarrels and disagreements. However, let’s talk about how these quarrels can be avoided. Remember, the family should reign love, respect and understanding.

1. Insult. Never insult each other. You can never become personal, discuss the problem.
2. Silence. If you have a very short temper, learn to control themselves. To do this, you must drink a glass of water and a little cool.
3. Responsibility. If your partner does something wrong, do not get angry. Try to help him to do everything correctly.
4. Priority. You should always be able to listen. Do not yell at each other speak in turn, make it easier to understand the problem.
5. Food. You never need to solve problems on an empty stomach. First you need to eat, relieve stress, and then to solve all their problems.
6. Sex. With sex possible to avoid any quarrel.
7. Guests. If you feel that you will soon be hot. Get ready and go to visit. Each of you will have time to cool down and think.

Lovely couples! Try less quarreling and live together!

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