How to Avoid Colds?

030920161Very soon will begin the season of colds. All this is due to weather changes. Immunity is becoming weaker and viruses and enter the body. However, as many believe. But, most people get sick, who are always in a bad mood and depression. Colds can be avoided, you only need to want it.

1. Optimism. Optimists are sick less often. With this statement agreed by doctors. Only pessimists do not expect anything good from life. In the end what happened.
2. Laughter. With a smile and a good mood, you can overcome the disease faster. Enjoy life and do not be sad.
3. Phrases. Most repeat positive phrases. They should be filled with optimism. If a person thinks constantly about the poor, he himself on this very soon will program.

Finally, we describe a few popular recipes, which will help to provide prevention of colds. If you feet wet, they should hover in hot water with the addition of mustard. Even before going to sleep necessarily brew lime tea (do not forget to add a spoonful of honey). Do not be ill!

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