How to Avoid Leg Cramps

29101610Those who at least once had leg cramps, know perfectly well what a painful sensation.

Seizures may occur both in the daytime and at night during sleep, but they are especially dangerous during bathing. What was observed when a person in the water there were leg cramps, resulting in many not able to swim to shore. Quickly get rid of unpleasant feelings will help ordinary pin, which should make easy shots feet, so if you often experience cramps, then swimming in open water, do not swim far from the beach, at the same time, you always have with you must be a pin.

However, this temporary relief, since seizures can recur, so you must find out the reasons of their occurrence, and as it turns out, there are several.

Cramps manifest themselves due to physical fatigue, for example, strong load during exercise or walking after overcoming a long distance, and if you have seen the deposition of salts, or you are a long time in a fixed position.

To cramps bothered you engage in moderate exercise, periodically do a foot massage and drink products, which are present in the composition of vitamin D and calcium.