How to Avoid Poisoning Wild Mushrooms

0511167With the onset of fall, many people go into the woods in search of mushrooms, because the ones that are sold in stores, they are not attracted to, and palatability of fresh wild mushrooms collected differ markedly from the market of mushrooms.

However, while collecting mushrooms is one important rule to be learned, it is not taken in the basket are those in which you are not sure. Experienced mushroom pickers say that determine what a mushroom is edible, it is possible only in appearance, and talk about what can be learned about this during cooking if the pan lower bulb, no more than a myth.

It is also worth remembering that fresh mushrooms are stored in a warm place for no more than 8 hours, after which they arise harmful bacteria that can cause poisoning.

Mushrooms are not worth collecting near highways, industrial areas, because they are like a sponge to absorb a variety of harmful substances.

The fact that buy mushrooms on natural markets in any form, not worth mentioning, because it is not known where they were taken and the conditions in which they are produced.