How to avoid the aggravation of arthritis

30091613Autumn is such a time of year when many people are aggravated chronic diseases.

One of these diseases are arthritis and arthrosis, from which recently affected not only the elderly, but also the younger generation. These diseases affect the joints, resulting in people having unbearable pain, which limit the full human movement. Moreover, if only with arthrosis sore joints, the arthritic inflammation of the whole organism occurs.

According to doctors, to avoid this disease, it is practically impossible, but to protect yourself from arthritis can perform some rules, such as the systematic occupation moderate exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol. Also, not a small role played by nutrition, which must be balanced.

For those people who have already seen such diseases, one of the main tasks is to normalize your weight because extra weight adversely affect the joints. Therefore, excluding from their diet fat and fried foods, eat seafood, as well as more vegetables and fruits.