How to avoid the allergy to the cold

17101616That ended in the summer, which comes to replace the cold weather and many people feel uncomfortable at this time of year.

Many people with the advent of cold weather there are some allergies that manifest themselves in the form of redness, swelling, chronic rhinitis, which is caused by a cold air stream. Even cold water can cause allergic reactions in people who are prone to this kind of diseases.

However, such discomfort disappear after people come into a warm room.

Until now, scientists could not figure out thoroughly the causes of these allergies, but there are suggestions that most people are exposed to this disease, for reasons of heredity, with chronic diseases, and as a result of smoking and alcohol abuse.

In order to avoid serious consequences, it is necessary to see a doctor, because the causes of this disease may be more serious than you think. But, to get started is to try not peremerzat, dress according to the weather, as a preventive measure is necessary to temper his body.

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