How to be Healthy in the Fall?

160920161Autumn people fall ill with colds. But this can be easily avoided if you follow simple guidelines.

1. Nerves. It is important always to stay calm. Do not get nervous or worry over nothing. Especially, if it will not be able to influence and change the situation.
2. Emotions. Try to experience more positive emotions. Do what brings you the most pleasure. Do not forget to write down on a swimming or fitness.
3. Vitamins. Autumn eat regular vitamins. It is very important every day to eat fruits and vegetables. Do not think that once eaten, and that will be enough. Restock regularly need.
4. Power. Pay attention to nutrition. It is important to eat a balanced way. Do not forget to eat foods that contain protein (meat balls).
5. Rest. Devote a sufficient amount of rest time. I do not always something to do. If you want to just go and lie down, do it. Cleaning the house can always wait. Learn to listen to your body. Always follow its prompts.

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