How to Beat a Cold Autumn?

08092061In the fall of people, not only the mood, but also the immune system. By the fall you need to prepare in advance, so as not to hurt. But not everything turns out just as you want. Sometimes, all you do by the rules, but the disease still comes. In this case, it must be confronted.

1. Vigilance. When autumn comes, many have a runny nose, cough. Many people do not pay any attention to them. Although, this is wrong. When the first symptoms of malaise, it is best to stay at home and recuperate.
2. House. If a person with the first symptoms of the disease will stay at home, he will be able to protect themselves from drafts and temperature fluctuations. In the future it will save from complications.
3. Active measures. The body needs help in every way to recover. To do this, you must eat right, drink plenty of water and ventilate the room.
4. Tea. During the disease often drink hot tea or broth hips. Be sure to add the honey and lemon. When Bole throat can make tea with ginger.
5. Prevention. Do not forget about prevention. The disease is always better to prevent.

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