How to Beat the Winter Blues?

180920164The man is very dependent on the seasons. With the onset of spring, blooming man. It seems that wakes up not only nature, but also the man himself. The same goes for the summer period.

If we talk about the autumn or winter, here the situation is different. A bad mood, stress and depression – is a faithful companion of man in this period.

To avoid this, boring to eat the “right” foods. With their help, you can become a little more fun and cheerful.

Fish oil is very useful. In the Nordic countries, people almost do not suffer from depression, then that eat a lot of seafood. Another is to add to your menu – saffron. This spice improves mood perfectly.

From the winter blues and help you walk. In winter you need to watch in light to spend time in the sun. The reason for a bad mood – is the lack of sunlight. On the street you need to move more to keep warm. Play fun games to be warm. As soon feel that cold – go home and brew hot tea.

From the blues is always possible to get rid of. The main thing is to want it!

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