How to Boost Immunity?

020920161That was autumn. This means that the season of colds can be considered officially open. Who will go first rains, wet feet and began …

But do not panic, colds can protect themselves. The main thing is to strengthen the immune system. So how do you do it?

1. Bad habits. It’s time to give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol).
2. Movement. Of course, it is much easier to take a pill, you begin to walk in the evenings. Now people have become very lazy, they just refuse to move.
3. Stress. As is known, the majority of health problems due to stress and poor environment. If the environmental situation, we can not affect, then protect yourself from stress – can.
4. Sport. Sign up for a fitness or swimming. With great physical exertion can strengthen the immune system.
5. Nutrition. Start eating right and you will forget about diseases. Include in your diet more vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.
6. Hardening. Temper his body. Start with a contrast shower.
7. Brier. Discard the black tea and coffee. Brew in a thermos rose hips.

As you can see, you can enhance health. It is important to want it.

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