How to Care for Hair Extensions?

060920168Every woman wants to have long hair. But if they did not get to grow ?! In this situation, come to the aid of hair extensions. Now, this procedure is quite common and many girls have resorted to it. But it is always necessary to know how to look at the hair extensions?

Let’s start with the styling. To make the hair, styling tools are needed. This can be anything you want (lacquer, foam). But it is important to remember, if you have hair extensions, then you need to choose styling products without oil content. Note artificial strands can be painted. If not needed, it is better to abandon the use of a hair dryer. With regard to the comb, it is better to buy a special, which is designed for combing artificial hair. We can not afford.

But in this case it is much more important to deal with the fact that absolutely can not be done with hair extensions. After the build-up procedure, the head can not be washed for 24 hours.

If you comply with all the rules, then the hair will always look chic.

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