How to Care for Your Hands in the Fall?

050920167Each woman pays particularly close attention to the face and hands. If the care of the person written a lot of articles, how to care for your hands, little is known. In this regard, you need to carefully sort out, to do everything right.

It is worth noting that the monitor for your hands should always be. Only the treatments themselves are slightly different from each other. This is due to the fact that the weather changes. Each season strebuet his departure.

So, in the autumn air temperature is lowered and there is high humidity. These two factors can cause skin peeling of hands. Often, the skin becomes dry. In the fall for your hands to be watched much more carefully, Sanchez in the summer.

In autumn it is best to abandon the frequent washing of hands. It is best to wash your hands three times a day with warm water and soap. From the use of cold water should be abandoned, because the skin can become tough. Soap is better to choose natural or cook it yourself.

During this period it is very important to eat properly to the skin are important vitamins. If the body is the lack of vitamins, the skin immediately becomes depleted.

Finally, I want to wish all women of unearthly beauty!

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