How to Choose a Comb?

210820165Every woman aspire to be the owner of the beautiful hair. However, it needs to make an effort. Regularly make a mask, wash your hair, and choose a comb. It is from this point often problems arise. So how do you choose for your hair type hair comb perfect?

1. Hair type. As is well known, I am of the following types of hair: curly, straight, thin, thick, long, short. What is suitable for one type never come to another. For example, the long hair is better to buy a comb with wide work surface.
2. Comb material. Comb may be made of wood, metal, plastic, silicone. According to experts, it is best to give their preference to plastic comb.
3. Detengler. Now there is a very useful thing (detengler), with which you can easily untangle the hair of any length.

Finally you need to show that properly combed, not all can. It is important to comb the hair from the tips, but not vice versa.

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