How to Clean Up after the Party?

150920168Every woman before going to a party brings itself into order. This applies to all. At this point, everything should be perfect. It is very important to make a beautiful makeup to outshine all rivals.

But the evening once come to an end. After him, it is necessary to cause the skin in order, otherwise very soon it may lose elasticity and become flabby. So, what to do after the party?

1. Remove makeup. As soon as you get home, wash immediately with full makeup. In no event it is impossible to sleep with makeup on his face.
2. Facial skin. Be sure to put on the face mask. The skin must be calm. Optionally, use a mask, which is purchased in the store. It is always possible to use products from the refrigerator (potatoes, yogurt, milk, honey, coffee).
3. Massage. If there is time, do yourself a face massage. This will improve circulation.

If you have time, take a few minutes to hair and body. After the party it is best to just wash your hair and take a warm bath. Most likely you have used styling products for hair styles. They need to wash hair. With a warm bath to relax, and it will contribute to the early sleep.

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