How to Cook Food to Keep Them Vitamins

22101618Monitor their health, one of the factors is the proper nutrition.

Selection of products useful for the organism is necessary but, and ways of cooking of these foods, plays an unimportant role.

For example, we all know that fish is very useful, but if it is to fry with oil, it not only loses some useful properties, but also harmful, because vegetable oil during prolonged heating produces harmful substances.

Therefore, it is necessary to cook food steamed, baked and boiled.

If the product is ready for a couple, then they are stored almost all useful minerals, and the taste qualities are not inferior to other types of cooking.

Bake fish or meat products are languishing in its own juice, so also retained the useful properties and easily absorbed by the body.

With the advent of the microwave and steamer for any housewife cooking wholesome food it becomes much easier and faster because, laying the necessary products, there is no need to stand at the stove, since modern appliances to prepare food themselves.

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