How to Cope with Avitaminosis in the Spring?

Spring is a time when a person most often comes across an avitaminosis. The thing is that the products that have remained since last year contain very few useful substances. This suggests that the body catastrophically does not get nutrients.

What to do in this situation? Immediately I want to say that you should not rush to buy vitamins in the pharmacy. You can always find products that will contain many useful substances even in the spring.

What are these products?

1. Raisins. To the brain worked well, eat raisins. This is an excellent make-up for the brain.
2. Nuts. You probably noticed that nuts are like the human brain. This is not easy, because they can bring great benefits to this particular body (food).
3. Prunes. Using prunes, you can correct the work of the intestine.
4. Dried apricots. There are a lot of potassium in dried apricots. And potassium perfectly nourishes the heart.

As you can see, dried fruit will help prevent avitaminosis. In addition, it is always possible to grind all of the above in the meat grinder. The benefits will be twice as much.

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