How to Cope with the Dust?

Every woman at least clean the apartment once a week. During this time, a huge amount of dust accumulates on the furniture, the TV, the window sills. The impression is that it penetrates through all the cracks. It does not help even airing. Of course, profit is not so dangerous, but it can live mites. And in their waste products can cause terrible diseases (asthma, allergies). How can you cope with the dust?

1. Things. Try to get rid of things that accumulate in the dust itself (carpets). It is best to put on the floor linoleum. It is easier to clean and it does not absorb dust. Still need to store fewer different vases and figurines. It only complicates cleaning.
2. Daily cleaning. Every day you need to spend a wet-dress flats and vacuuming furniture.
3. Sponges and aerosols. To select special cleaning sponges. Do not forget about using the spray for furniture. With it, no longer dust settles on the surface.

All these simple guidelines will help protect your home from pests. Good luck!

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