How to Deal with Drowsiness on a Cloudy Day?

The weather is very volatile. On what it depends, the mood and overall well-being of a person. I want to say that in cloudy weather many people are in a depressed state. The thing is that the atmospheric pressure drops sharply, so people begin to experience drowsiness. On such days people do not look like themselves.

So, how can you cope with drowsiness on a cloudy and gray day?

1. Tea. Drink in the morning invigorating drinks. I want to say that it is not necessary that it is coffee. You can always drink a cup of tea.
2. Water. During the day, drink water. Water will help to escape fatigue. In addition, it is an excellent prevention of dehydration.
3. The smell of lemon. This smell will always help to feel more cheerful. Put near the workplace aroma lamp with lemon oil.
4. Joy. Learn to enjoy every day, regardless of the weather. Drink tea more often on the balcony – it helps to tune in to the positive.

Be always on the positive side. Remember, the weather should not affect your mood. In everything, learn to find positive aspects.

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