How to Distinguish Butter vs Margarine

31101615The human body, in addition to the vitamins that we get eating fruits and vegetables, essential for normal functioning of fat, a source of which is butter.

This product, in its composition has a large number of nutrients and easily absorbed by the body, which can not be said about oil substitute, margarine, because, at the time of its production is used not only palm oil that clogs our blood vessels cholesterol, but a variety of flavor enhancers , dyes and other harmful substances.

Therefore, from the use of margarine is completely abandoned, not to mention its use for the preparation of various dishes for kids.

However, unscrupulous manufacturers of butter, in order to enrich and contribute to its composition harmful additives, thereby trying to improve its taste and extend shelf life.

This butter must be made of cream taken from natural milk and its composition should not present any other components, buying oil, pay attention to its composition and shelf life, which should be no more than a month.

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