How to Eat in Hot Weather?

110920168In hot weather, the body is experiencing a real stress. At this time the body needs to provide maximum support. In order to alleviate the condition of the body, you need to adhere to proper nutrition.

1. Liquid. In the hot summer the body loses twice as much liquid. In connection with this need to regularly replenish the water supply in the body. To quench their thirst there is nothing better than water or green tea without sugar. Do not forget to eat the first meal. They also enrich the body with water.
2. Less calories. In summer, do not eat fatty foods. Eliminate from your diet: fatty meats, pancakes and salads with mayonnaise. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Mode. The main meal of transfer to a cooler time of the day.
4. Breakfast and dinner. For lunch and dinner, eat fruits, vegetables, low-fat yogurt and milk. In no case do not give up dinner.
5. Vitamins. In hot weather, many people experience lethargy. To avoid this, you need to eat more vitamins of group B. Of course do not forget about the use of vitamin C.

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