How to Fall Asleep in Hot Weather?

Very many people with the advent of hot summer days suffer from insomnia or very badly and long sleep. For those who have air conditioning in the house, the problem is solved quite simply. And those people who do not have it can offer several tips.

Before going to bed do not include appliances that produce heat – hair dryer, iron, TV for a long time. All of the above devices give off excess heat. As a result, the room will heat up even more, which means it will be harder to fall asleep.

Take a cool shower. It’s cool, not cold. A cool shower will cool the body not for a while, which will be enough to fall asleep. When taking a cold shower, the vessels become very narrow and there is a risk of hypothermia.

Use a silk bed. Silk is great for natural temperature control. It perfectly passes air and does not create obstacles for the breathing of the body. So it will be easier to transfer the heat.

It is best to fall asleep alone, without hugging and pets. Thus, the body does not overheat from a number of located body.

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