How to Force Yourself to Eat Less?

Now many people love a tasty meal. This is due to the fact that the food – this is the best way to cope with stress. And as you know, stressful situations in the life of each of us just enough.

But, as it was nice to not absorb the food, you should always think about the consequences. Most important to remember that each person may face obesity.

In this situation, you have to go to various tricks. So how can you force yourself to eat less?

1. Water. Before you begin to receive food, to drink a glass of water. It’s kind of cheating the stomach. It will be filled with water, so the portion is smaller.
2. Silence. When a person eats, there should be no stimuli (television). Should eat in silence. So a man is easier to focus only on the meal.
3. Utensils. Get your children’s dishes. In such plates can not put a lot of food. And with a small fork will not be able to put a lot of food in his mouth. This will help you to eat more. Since the brain can react, it was saturated.

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