How to Gain Weight?

150920163Now people are talking more about how to lose weight. But do not forget about the people who can not type it. This applies to very thin girls. How do they want to see a couple of extra kilos were recruited. Unfortunately, weight gain is not as simple as to lose it. So how can contribute to weight gain.

1. Power. Eat need three times a day. This means that none of the meals can not be missed.
2. Snacks. Snacks should be done three times a day. This is best done on schedule.
3. Beverages. Avoid drinks that contain few calories. Drink more milk and juice.
4. Calories. Eat food that contains a lot of calories (potatoes, cereals). Do not forget about products that contain a lot of starch (rice, bread, pasta). It is important to eat more foods that are high in protein (eggs, meat, cheese, beans).
5. Sport. Do not forget about physical activity. Only they should not be debilitating, and light.

During the month, the weight should be increased. If it does not, then you need to consult a doctor.

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