How to Get Rid of a Cold do Not Harm Health

04111615With the advent of autumn frosts, the first sign of a cold is a runny nose, it is not only unpleasant feeling, but do not feel comfortable around others, as always necessary to use a handkerchief.

In addition, the cold can provoke a variety of chronic diseases, the treatment of which will require not only time consuming, but also the financial costs.

In the event of the appearance of the first signs of a cold, we try to use any means, but rather to get rid of it, at the same time, sometimes make mistakes.
I’m sure many of you have tried to use vasoconstrictive drops, but to do so not worth it, because such medicines dried mucous membranes, as a result, complications may occur.

The same effect is produced by treatment of the common cold juice, squeezed garlic or onions, moreover, it can be a burn of the nasal mucosa, therefore, more good will from the vapors of these natural antibiotics to which they were quite finely chop and breathe on them.

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