How to Get Rid of a Headache

260920167Many people, especially women, faced with such a problem as a headache. Today we will not talk about its causes or from the fact that you should always contact a qualified doctor. It’s about how to temporarily relieve the condition.

1. Relax. As soon as you feel pain, try to lie down and relax. It is desirable that it was dark in the room, as many people have photophobia.
2. Aromatherapy. Light aroma lamp and add a few drops of essential oil. To do this it is best to choose rosemary. More oil can be massaged whiskey.
3. Tea. Drink tea with ginger. You need to drink in small sips. you can drink a sedative if necessary.
4. Massage. When the headache greatly helps massage. If you do not close a person who could do it, perform self-massage.
5. Breath. Try to calm down and begin to breathe deeply. C will be oxygenated cells using exercises and the headache subsides.

In order not to get sick, try to walk more and not be nervous.

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