How to Get Rid of Acne?

270820166As always, pimple jumps at the wrong time and in the most prominent place. If you are tired of it, then you must take action. So, what to do and where to start?

1. Appearance. If the pimple has a white top, the reason for its appearance – the wrong skin care. With such a pimple can handle – squeeze and review skin care. If the skin appears red sore point, then the cause must be sought in the stomach. Most likely, there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. If pimples appeared in the upper chest or neck, they can not be scratched. These spots will appear on that person sweats. Wear possessed of natural fabrics. Once a day it is necessary to take a shower.
2. Home Care. To dry a pimple you need to use salicylic alcohol.
3. Care in the salon. If you have a rash on the face, no one cosmetologist will not do cleaning. It is necessary to wait a little longer. Grease pimple salicylic alcohol. After a few days the inflammation will go and it will be possible to do all the necessary procedures in the beauty salon.

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