How to get rid of fatigue during operation

30091615At work, we spend quite a lot of time and it is very difficult to tune into a working harmony, as we feel tired.

The causes of this condition may be different, for example, you did not sleep the night, so your body does not rest or changes in weather conditions, which is not unimportant role plays on health. To restore power, there are several methods, some of which we will advise you.

No matter what, aside everything and go outside to get some fresh air. Non-durable walk will enrich your blood with oxygen and you feel a surge of vitality.

A glass of cold water, drunk at the time of such a state, will also help get rid of fatigue, and in the cold time of the day, it is better to replace it with green tea, which, according to experts, acting bodryasche better than coffee.

Light snacks, such as apple, walnuts and low-fat yogurt can help improve your mood and increase efficiency. Also, do not forget to keep your work area is always clean and tidy.