How to Help the Tired Legs?

160920162Almost all women have in their wardrobe of high-heeled shoes. Women believe that walking in these shoes makes walking more seductive and attractive. But few who think that at this moment his legs get huge load. The most likely cause of tired legs – is wearing shoes with high heels. But the women of this prove impossible. Therefore, it is not necessary to persuade anyone. It is best to submit tips to help get rid of tired legs.

1. Levies. It is important to choose shoes life. If you can not give up the heels, then let him not exceed 9 cm.
2. Replacement shoes. Always carry a change of shoes with low heels. If you go home, you can always change the shoes.
3. Insole. The high-heeled shoes, insert a soft insole. This will help soften the blows.
3. Massage. Every day after work, do foot massage. Then the bath can be done based on herbs. This will help to calm down the legs.
4. Shower. Be sure to make a douche for the feet. This serves as an excellent prevention of varicose veins.
5. Cream. Get special creams that will remove fatigue.

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