How to Improve the Quality of Sleep?

Everyone knows that a good sleep is the basic foundation for the normal performance of the body. However, not all can provide a complete rest for himself, which is why there are certain problems and diseases. However, research professionals in the US sleep study proves that the person can independently control the quality of their sleep – improve or worsen it.

For example, in order to secure a good night’s sleep, you need to first understand why you can not sleep. To this end, experts recommend to keep a diary in which to describe the quality of sleep for days and indicate at the same time, what did you do before that. Thus it will be possible quickly to find out the factors that have a negative impact on your sleep.

In addition, it is very important to prepare yourself for bed. If one person can lie down and fall asleep immediately, else you need special training.
The most effective recommendation – to exclude any strong emotions late at night. Stop using your smartphone or watching a movie before bed. It is best to walk in the street or lie down and relax your body.

Communication, one is still quite an important factor in the fight against insomnia. As practice shows, the usual pleasant conversation with his family for 10-15 minutes before bedtime, can significantly improve the length and quality of your holiday. Remember how quickly the children fall asleep when they start to read fairy tales at bedtime and try this method for yourself.

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