How to increase sexual potency?

160920161A large number of different problems with sexual potency, which a few years ago appeared in men after 55 years, today is much “younger”.

For example, according to official statistics, at present about 55% of men aged 30 to 45 years, regularly experiencing some problems with sex. In addition, approximately 20% of men aged 18 to 29 years old also have difficulty with women in bed.

The biggest problem is a sexual dysfunction that men are afraid to admit the presence at the problem and do not want to even talk about it. It is the nature of man’s psychology, that the emergence of a certain kind of problems in sexual life is perceived as a failure, which is better not to tell your friends and your loved ones. But in the end it does not solve your problems, but only aggravates them.

In many cases, the lack of sexual potency is not a symptom of impotence. Very often, this is a definite reason. For example, among the key reasons that may cause a lack of sexual potency can be identified:

  • Physical or mental fatigue;
  • Insomnia;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Excess body weight;
  • The presence of bad habits;
  • Hormonal disruptions in the body;
  • Depression and stress;
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list, but even in it almost every man can identify one or more items that are applicable to it. But just enough to establish your own lifestyle and take the help of specific recommendations to again surprise his woman during sex and bring it to a powerful orgasm. How to do it? Now we will tell all.

So, now we’ll tell you about the most effective recommendations from medical professionals to help guarantee to solve all problems with sexual potency, increase libido levels, improve the quality of sex and again give you a feeling of power and energy.

Proper nutrition – the basis of sexual power!

160920162All we know that food is the main source of nutrients and vitamins in our body. This is especially true of the male body, the operation of which depends entirely on the products that it consumes.

The diet of the alpha male should consist of complex nutrients and vitamins. Primarily, it is necessary to use in food products containing vitamins C, E and B. In addition, important components for man’s health are products which contain a large amount of zinc, selenium and other nutrients. You can not do without seafood. If at least once a day you eat fish, shrimp, mussels, algae or any other seafood, it will help to significantly improve the sexual organ work. It is also a very good effect on the reproductive system of men have celery, ginger root, walnuts, cheese, coffee, grapefruit and many others.

You should understand that there is not only useful but also harmful products for your sexual power. If you want to constantly surprise your sex partner in bed, you need to give up fatty and fried food, fast food and convenience foods. Avoid the consumption of beer and alcoholic beverages that interfere with testosterone production and lead to sexual dysfunction.

You need to lose weight!

160920163If you want to be popular with the girls, be sure to throw your sandwich and run faster in the gym. Only the hard training day and night will help your body get rid of excess fat and make it in large doses to produce testosterone. Once this happens, you can significantly notice a difference in sexual relations.

In addition, as you work on losing weight, you can also perform special exercises to strengthen just your potency. For example, recent research scientists show that regular jogging help to improve blood circulation and stimulation of the prostate gland, which helps to significantly enhance the potency.

If you want to have an iron sexual power, buy a bicycle or engaged on a stationary bike. Due to the work of the entire pelvic you will ensure a good blood flow to the genitals, and it will start to work again at the maximum.

Psychology – it is important for sex

160920164Many men think that the main reason that at some point in their “tool” is not got, is any physical abnormalities or diseases. However, often a major problem in psychology. Very often, after the first failure times in bed, the man appears a psychological barrier or fear again experience this feeling. That is why, in the future before each new sexual act man will only think that his penis was erect and begin to dwell on it. As a result, the chances of another fiasco increased several times, and then the situation will only get worse.

It is also important to give up various psychological disorders and depression. Remember, any stress is a serious strain on your body. He will not be able to relax and enjoy in such a state, so if you try to have sex in during the depression, most likely it will not be the best solution.

But how to deal with psychological problems? How to improve sexual potency and be 100% sure that at the critical moment of your penis will not fall down? In fact, there are special products that can help in this matter.

Don’t be afraid to use auxiliary products

Today, medicine has reached such a high level of development that can help any man to deal with sexual dysfunction. In particular, today in Europe, in the US and in other countries around the world are actively sell special tools that can help you in this matter. But it is important to know what you can buy. We are specially made for you a list of the most reliable and safe product variants that will help ensure sexual potency:

Maxisizer Maxisizer – a unique formula for men’s health. This cream not only helps to improve potency, but also can increase your penis in just a few months. This product has passed all clinical tests and its efficacy proven in practice.

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El-Macho El-Macho – it drops potency, which composition contains only natural ingredients. Due to effects on the reproductive system, these drops help to improve blood circulation and just a few minutes to make your erection is very powerful.

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Macho Ma Macho Man – the best-selling product for male potency. This spray has long been a leader in sales and thousands of men around the world speak positively about him. Even porn stars are often told in an interview that before the shooting in his XXX films they use the spray to have sex for 3 hours.

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Erogan Erogan – a novelty on the sexual health of the market. The first positive reviews about it, so you can try to book it right now.

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