How to Increase the Calcium in the Bone Fracture

110820168Despite the fact that a human bone was initially has a high degree of strength, a lot of us are often faced with such a problem as fractures. The problem, say, not a pleasant one, especially when you consider that now have to do everything possible to provide an additional amount of broken bone calcium.

Omitting all a prelude to surgery and medication, we would like to talk about how the need to strengthen brittle bones, deprived of calcium. First of all, and this is known even to children, cow’s milk enriched with considerable quantity of calcium.

To maintain the level of calcium in the body, the person should drink at least one glass of milk per day (ideal dose, according to scientists liters per day). Next fermented milk product is enriched with calcium, of course, cheese. During the summer, people, calcium can be obtained from apricot or cabbage leaf. If you live in a region where these products for one reason or another are not available, you will come to the aid of dried apricots, or even fish tuna, sardines, salmon.

But do not forget that a good calcium absorption contributes to vitamin D, which is why we should not forget about the joy of staying in the sun, at least 10-15 minutes a day.

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