How to Keep the Heart Healthy?

110920165Everyone would like to extend its life. But with age, people are often faced with heart disease. The most common reason – stress, excessive emotionality. But do not despair, you can keep the heart healthy.

1. Vitamins. You should always eat fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin E (oil, apples, beans).
2. Fish. Every day you need to eat a piece of fish This is a great prevention of heart attack. Moreover, the product has a positive effect on the skin.
3. Grapes. To prevent clogging of blood vessels, need to drink grape juice.
4. Raspberry. Raspberry improves blood clotting and protects the body from stress.
5. Oranges. With citrus fruit can be derived from organism salts of heavy metals. Especially useful for oranges for the people who live in unfavorable environmental conditions.
6. Bananas. With bananas can provide prevention of arrhythmia.
7. Walking. In no case can not forget about walking. With the walk can provide prevention of many diseases of the heart.
8. Singing. To rid himself washed sad, start singing. Besides, it is an excellent prevention of angina.

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