How to Lose Weight in Just 7 Days?

Unexpectedly turned up a burning voucher for the sea? What can be more pleasant than this wonderful news? Of course, nothing. But everything is not so good.

How can I go to the sea if the weight is just off scale. On the beach in this form can not appear. And this means that you need to lose weight urgently. How can this be done in just 7 days?

Immediately I want to say that you can never starve yourself. This is the most important mistake. You yourself put the body in a stressful state. It is necessary to reduce portions at once, but this does not mean that it is necessary to declare a hunger strike. Take a small plate and appliances. So portions will decrease by themselves. In this case, small appliances will help you eat slowly, which means that the brain will receive a signal that the meal is finished much faster.

In addition, you must give up foods that contain a lot of calories. First of all, it is sweets, mayonnaise and ketchup. Permanently cross out these two products of their diet.

Do not forget that you must lead an active lifestyle. Remember, you need to spend calories.

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