How To Lose Weight Sweet Tooth?

How To Lose Weight Sweet Tooth?Almost all the women in the world dream to be slim and have no problem with the weight. However, not all so simple. Undoubtedly, it is easy for those who have good genetics. Simply put, you can eat anything you want, but the extra weight still will not.

However, there are many women who want to drink only water, to look perfect. One slice of the cake – it’s a fiasco, because FitoSpray en España multi-week diet just will not give any result. So we come to the question – how to lose weight sweet tooth?

  1. Decide what you eat sweets. Someone eats candy because of stress, and some mental stress. In other words, identify the cause of eating sweets (peace, joy).
  2. Reduce the amount of sweets. Undoubtedly, just give up your favorite chocolates or buns is very difficult. To begin with, it is possible to reduce their number.
  3. Sweets need to eat until noon. Nutritionists recommend to eat sweets just before lunch. In the evening, you FitoSpray in Italia can not use them under any pretext.
  4. Peppermint tea. Drink plenty of herbal tea, as it promotes weight loss.
  5. Useful sweets. We inform, sweets can benefit. Instead of cake you can eat dried fruits or nuts and honey.
  6. Avoid the use of sugar. If tea or coffee you put sugar, then this habit should be avoided. You can start gradually reducing the amount.
  7. Dietary cookies. The first time it is possible to eat a cookie diet.
  8. Sport. Gym. Physical activity – it is the perfect way to combat obesity.
  9. Be ashamed of themselves. We ate the candy? Do everything to scold and shame myself for what could not help it.

A Few Simple Tips

Love of sweets – perhaps one of the most common phenomena that prevent weight loss.

Some people can give up anything in their lives, but not from their favorite sweet treats. And even FitoSpray în România if they manage to keep under the strict ban all sweet foods, their lives become unbearable – they do not please even discarded kilograms, and depressive mood stays exactly as long as they deny themselves their favorite delicacies.

So it turns Macho Man Türkçe out, a vicious circle that does not give or be in shape or enjoy life.

There are several tricks that will help break off tenacious bonds and lose weight, spoiling yourself with something “yummy.”

You can eat sweetness in the morning. So, the calories you recruited, you can disperse during the day. And a little recharging for brain activity will not hurt. Never eat sweet foods before going to bed. From this error still need to get rid of. Since everything you eat later, than four hours before bedtime, will be directed to an undesirable course.

Do not combine the consumption of sweet and fatty foods. You can not eat Macho Man České sweets directly before a dense complex dinner, and after it. You should wait a couple of hours.

This applies to drinks, do not sing your portion of fatty food with a sweet compote or tea.

If you are a fan of sweets and can not refuse them altogether, at least try to exclude fatty desserts, such as cakes and pastries. These products, even in small doses, can harm a slender body. They contain a large amount of fats, which are fully absorbed by the body.

Therefore, even a small piece will provide you with not small fat folds. Give preference to natural sweets – fruits, berries, dried fruits. You can also please yourself with a dose of jelly. This dessert is not inferior in taste to cake, but at times not so ruthless. Also you can sometimes eat marmalade, marshmallow, candy and a bit of bitter chocolate.

Refuse sweet carbonated drinks in favor of compotes from dried fruits. Sweet soda is the enemy of a slim figure number one. In addition, they are also extremely harmful.

And do not forget about motor activity. If you have allowed yourself to enjoy your favorite treat, be sure to load your day with movements. If this is not a full-fledged sport, then at least, replace the travel in the transport for a walk on foot.