How to Lose Weight Without Harm to Health?

How to lose weight without harm to healthMany women and men are constantly searching the internet some useful information on how you can lose weight without dieting, how to lose weight without exercise and what pills are best to use in order to achieve positive results in a few days? In fact, all the myths.

If you believe that you can drastically change your weight for the week, for 5 days or 1 day (and some programs promise a miracle, and such a result), then this article is not for you. We wrote it specifically for the appropriate people who do not believe in miracles, and are willing to work on yourself, to really achieve positive results.

For this reason, we will not give you clear guidance how much food you need to consume daily and how to perform the exercises in the gym. Our task – to teach you the basic principles of weight loss.

The laws of physics work for you

how-to-lose-weight-without-harm-to-health-2No need to be a super dietician or fitness trainer to understand the basic foundations of the work of our body. Food – the main source of calories and energy as well as vitamins and minerals for our body. Through it we get those substances which help us to move and perform various physical exercises.

In the normal amount of calories consumed body is completely processed by the body and not stored as fat. However, if you eat a lot, but the move is little or practically do not perform any physical exercise, the unused calories simply remain in the body. The body sees them as a strategic reserve, which it stores as fat.

It turns out the basic principle – to have a normal weight, you should spend as much calories as obtained from food. Therefore, weight loss calorie intake must be less than we spent, and for a set of weight – the opposite effect.

It seems that everything is simple. But when one tries to apply this knowledge in practice, then it raises additional complexity. The thing is, he does not know the basic principles of weight loss. Now we will tell you about them.

The principles of fat burning in the body

1. In order to effectively lose weight, you must have patience. Do not try to lose weight very quickly, because it is a big burden for the body and can cause a number of serious health problems. Any professional nutritionist will tell you that the optimal rate of weight loss – is 2-3 pounds per week. At that rate, your body will not experience a stressful condition and will be able to gradually adapt to the changes. If you have managed to lose 8-12 pounds in a month, so do it right.

2. You need to be firm in its decision. If you are going to lose weight, you have to keep yourself in their hands. In particular this applies to food. On the question of what kind of diet is the most effective, many experts meet quite original – the best diet is the one that you observe. Do not try to use too rigid diets and dietary restrictions, but do not go on about their own weaknesses. If it is difficult to do without some products, it is better to replace them with more useful than pluck and eat junk food. Avoid fast food, from fried and fatty foods. Try to reduce the consumption of light carbohydrates that are processed by the body hard and often accumulate as fat.

3. Water – this is your main product. For any person slimming water is a key tool in achieving results. It is noteworthy that you should drink daily at least 2 liters of water. Note that it concerns water. Tea, coffee, juices, drinks, milk and other liquids are not included in this list.

4. Keep your body with vitamins. Any restriction in the diet may have a negative impact on the state of the organism. For this reason, you should be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which contain useful trace elements and vitamins. It is best to eat them raw or boiled in order to achieve maximum effect.

5. Limit the evening meals. Another basic principle of supply concerns restrictions after 18:00. Ideally you should generally stop taking any food after this time, or at least 3 hours before bedtime. But if you are very difficult to maintain such restrictions, it is possible to drink 1 cup of yogurt for 30 minutes before bedtime. This eliminates the feeling of hunger and there is no excessive strain on your stomach.

6. Sleep – it’s great. Chief assistant for those who wish to lose weight, it is obligatory to normal sleep, that is at least 7-9 hours a day, your body has to rest. This will help to balance the internal processes and of course improve metabolism.

7. Sport and active lifestyle. Of course, it is very difficult to lose weight without exercise and increased activity. You do not have to go to a special fitness centers or pay for the services of a professional trainer. Today there are a lot of basic exercises that can be performed at home.

Effective and safe assistants for weight loss

Fito SprayWe examined the key principles of fat burning in the body. However, in practice, to comply with all the recommendations just manages. For example, someone does not have time to play sports, and some can not help but eat a hamburger in front of the TV in the evening. That is why, in order to guarantee a safe and effective weight-loss process, we recommend the use of natural supplements. One of the latest innovations in the world is Fito Spray. This is not a pill or powder, which are often sold in sports shops. Natural complex of Fito Spray is absolutely harmless and safe for your health, because only natural ingredients included in its composition.

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