How to Lower Cholesterol?

3108201610Everyone at least once in their life blood tests. More often than not for the fact that exercise control over the general state of the organism. But it so happens that analysis we can conclude elevated cholesterol. In this case, do not panic. It is much wiser to adjust the power.

1. Eggs. Limit consumption of eggs in the food (especially the yolk).
2. Legumes. Regarding legumes, they should be preferred.
3. Carrots. The carrot (as in legumes) contain pectin, which displays the body of cholesterol.
4. Garlic. Be sure to eat garlic. With the help of garlic can reduce elevated blood cholesterol.
5. Sport. Physical activity will also be useful to ensure that the deal with the problem of high cholesterol.
6. Bad habits. It is very important to stop smoking.
7. Tea. Remember, the tea contains tannins, which are excellent fighting cholesterol.

Finally, I must say that the never face the problem as described above, you need to always control your weight.

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