How to Maintain Health in Winter?

People often get sick in the cold season.
The peak of epidemics occurs in the winter. Why does this happen, let the scientists understand. And we are best to learn about the methods of preventing colds in winter.
So, how can you keep your health strong when outside the window from minutes 15 to minus 20 ?!

1. Walking. Do not give up walking, if it’s cold outside. Dress with warmth and walk march to the street. A person is sick because he constantly sits at home and does not breathe fresh air.
2. Rest. Do not ignore the rest. In winter, you can also go on a trip. Rest in the mountains is not worse than relaxing at sea. Try it, you will not regret it!
3. Clean hands. In order not to get sick, your hands should always be clean. After the street, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
4. Sleep. Sleep at least 6 hours a day. Sleep helps restore and normal functioning of the immune system.
5. Nutrition. In winter, there can be no question of a diet. The food should be high-grade.

Be healthy. Believe me, surviving the winter without disease is not so difficult.

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