How to Overcome Autumn Drowsiness

091116113In order that the person felt alert and active throughout the day, he needs a strong and healthy Sonia at least 8 hours a day.

However, there are such cases, especially in autumn, when in spite of the fact that you slept well all night, almost the entire day feeling tired and craving for sleep.

This suggests that we are missing light which produces melatonin, is responsible for the quality of sleep. In order to avoid such symptoms should comply with certain rules, one of which is a long stay in the fresh air, despite any weather conditions. Also, during operation, try to include the largest possible coverage in the room where you are.

Due to lack of vitamins can disrupt the metabolism, so try as much as possible to include in the diet of fruits, especially such as apples, bananas and persimmons.

Since ancient times, various diseases treated with medicinal infusions, so in our time from them should not refuse. Very useful herbal teas made from rose hips, St. John’s wort and black chokeberry.

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