How to Overcome Hunger?

On a diet to cope with a sense of hunger is not so simple. At the same time, it is even more difficult to overcome it from one thought that one simply can not eat. It will be necessary to cope with this, no matter how hard it is.

So, how can you overcome the feeling of hunger during a diet?

1. Water. Before you sit down at the table, you need to drink a glass of water. So the portion of the main food will be reduced by half.
2. A plate. Plates are best not to choose large. Always want to fill a large plate to the limit. But you can not put a lot of food in a small dish.
3. Spices. For the time of a diet from spices and spices it is best to refuse, as they provoke a feeling of hunger.
4. Refrigerator. Never keep in the refrigerator foods that you can not eat during a diet (sweets, mayonnaise). Go to the store will always be lazy.
5. Fruit. Always in the pulp must be fruits, vegetables and greens. During the next attack of hunger, they can be ripe to eat.

Dear women, you can lose weight. Sometimes, it is necessary to resort to some tricks.

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