How to Prolong Breastfeeding?

070920163It seems only recently you saw on the test two strips. How are you glad that become pregnant. But nine months passed very quickly. Now the baby is on your hands and need to be fed, taken care of.

Everyone knows that kids whose mothers breastfed, have a strong immunity. However, now many women are faced with the problem that the milk runs out. Do not worry, breastfeeding can be extended.

1. Sleep. The woman should sleep with your child.
2. Tips. Listen to the advice of other women.
3. Help. Ask for help loved ones. Sometimes you need to with the kid someone sat to my mother could rest and gain strength.
4. Breast Pump. Milk must be express. Remember, for two hours, the milk does not lose useful properties.
5. Work. If you work a lot, you may have to abandon it. If possible, you can work at half the rate. We do not need anyone except the mother to a small child.
6. Mood. Always be kind, cheerful and positive.

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